About Noho Surface + Prop

Why Noho Surface + Prop?

While hosting still life and food shoots at Noho Productions, we see a steady flow of messengers each day dropping off and picking up rental surfaces. Many of the surfaces (especially stone and concrete) are very heavy and difficult to maneuver. In addition to the time involved wrapping and unwrapping the surfaces, they often require two men and a van to transport them between rental houses and our studios.

We hope that by building our own collection of surfaces for rent and stocking them on our premises, we’ll save our clients a good deal of effort and expense on each job. In addition to time and messenger cost savings, we hope that having a selection of surfaces on hand will be a helpful resource throughout a shoot.

While our primary focus is on surfaces, we are also building a collection of forms and props specifically for still life and food shoots. The inventory is primarily focused on objects whose form, design or texture may be of interest.

Yes, we rent off-premises too. All of our surfaces, forms and props are available for off-premises rental. The prices shown are for a rental period up to one week. However, here’s the good news: If you’re shooting in one of our studios and only need the item for one day, we will discount the rental rate by 50%. Together with saving on messenger costs, we’re confident Noho Surface will create a significant savings on your job.

Please browse through our website and of course, stop by in person to see first hand what we have. No appointment necessary.

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